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Animal disease detection series

This product is used for rapid detection and screening of canine parvovirus and other animal diseases.


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Isothermal Fluorescent Method


Canine Parvovirus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit

48 Test / kit

Isothermal Colorimetric Method


Canine Parvovirus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit
48 Test / kit

Detection principle: This kit is based on the degenerative bubble mediated chain exchange amplification technique (SEA Technology) induced by DNA "respiration" to detect target nucleic acid DNA and RNA. 


  1. The reaction speed is fast and there is no need to wait for a long time.

  2. Simple operation and quick interpretation.

  Isothermal fluorescence instrument: ND 200 isothermal fluorescence detector,ND1600 PCR detector,Gentier 48S fluorescence PCR detection system, ABI 7500, CFX 96 and other fluorometers. 

  Colorimetric supporting instruments: ND 300 isothermal colorimetric detector,metal bath,etc.

  3. High sensitivity, not easy to cause false negative.

  4. High specificity, designed primer specificity, capable of specific amplification of the detection target without causing amplification of other animal-derived components, reducing the occurrence of false positives.



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